G-thamini is dedicated to empowering our youth with positive self-awareness and self-esteem in order to make the right choices in life.


“Thamini” is a Swahili word that means “to value.” The G-thamini Youth Group is where personal values take root. G-thamini is dedicated to empowering our youth with positive self-awareness and self-esteem in order to make the right choices in life. They operate within the primary and upper schools in the Mukuru slum of Nairobi, Kenya. G-thamini is registered as a Community Based Organization (CBO) with the Kenyan government. MPower Now established its relationship with G-thamini in December of 2012 and is proud of their continued impact on the community together.


Over the past dozen years, G-thamini has reached tens of thousands of youth.  They offer a variety of programming, both in the schools, after school, and during vacations.  Pre-pandemic, G-thamini had a broad reach of 63 schools, reaching almost 20,000 students.  However, each student might only have one or two sessions with the team.  Post-pandemic, our strategic initiative changed to focus on depth instead of breadth.  Our focus now is upon 20 schools where each student receives multiple sessions per term and the opportunity to participate in multiple programs.


G-thamini was founded in 2008 by a dynamic group of 6 young Mukuru residents, all of whom had benefited from the opportunity to attend higher education.  Vincent Mutuku, Annastasia Ndila, Francis Mburu, Benjamin Kyalo, Daniel Sila, and Lucy came together to cultivate values of self-worth in the younger members of their community.

They were determined to create opportunities for the youth of Mukuru and started the work by sharing books and motivational talks with the children.  This grass roots project has grown tremendously over the past 15 years, from reaching 150 students in its infancy to now having impacted tens of thousands of youth.






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Please consider donating directly to G-thamini Youth Group.  They are a registered CBO (Community Based Organization) with the Kenyan Government.

They accept in-kind donations (please email them to arrange for donations of books, school supplies, art supplies, sports equipment, etc.)

If you are wishing to donate funds, they accept donations through MPesa.

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Daniel Sila, a founding member of G-thamini, was born and raised in Mukuru making him particularly attuned to the issues youth face growing up in the community. 

He holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree and is waiting to defend his thesis to graduate with a Master of Science in Project Management from the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. At G-thamini, he previously held the positions of quality assurance leader,  accounts officer and Mobile Library leader. His other experience in the nonprofit world include work with Huru International, Digital Divide Data and Mukuru Promotion Centre. 

Daniel is a passionate believer in the mission of  G-thamini. He, himself was impacted by a like organization in the community and it changed the direction of his life forever. As Executive Director, his goal is to have the same good thing happen to as many children as it did to him.



Francis has a great aptitude for numbers and manages the financial operations at G-thamini.  Having spent much of his life in Mukuru, the birth of G-Thamini provided Francis with the opportunity to give back to his community.  As a founding member, he was motivated to inspire and guide the youth of Mukuru to set their sites higher and make healthy life choices.  Francis studied computer packages, web design development and graphic design at  Zetech College.  He has also been trained by Hope Worldwide Kenya.  Francis has studied towards an Accounting Technicians Diploma (ATD).



Benjamin is known as a pied piper with the children.  He is a founding member of G-thamini and  recently graduated Kenyatta University with a Bachelor of Information and Technology degree. Through his service at Pamoja Mtaani, as a game master, he had the opportunity to train as a Healthy Choices and a Peer Education Facilitator.  Benjamin believes that every child deserves memorable moments of happiness in their lifetime and treasures this opportunity to give back to his community.



Michael is a Nairobi native, who holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from Moi University.  He currently helps coordinate the scholars’ program and sets curriculum. His favorite part of working with G-thamini is having an opportunity to impart values he considers useful to the students, such as respect, honesty, and integrity.



Noor has worked with G-thamini since 2014 in many roles.  In addition to his role as a facilitator, he also coordinates G-Club activities. He organizes the yearly soccer tournament that brings the community boys together and creates a safe place for them to explore the issues such as crime and drugs. Noor also manages the after-school Art Program, helping the kids develop their innate talent.



Recky is an energetic  young lady, born and raised in Nairobi.  She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from Kenyatta University.  She serves as a facilitator with G-thamini, where she treasures the chance to impact the lives of the youth and give them hope for a better tomorrow.  Recky directs the Thomas Court Library including the recent expansion of our Mobile Library.



John is the newest member of the G-thamini Team and was recruited specifically to assist with the new Mobile Library Project. John has been driving professionally since 2009 when he received his certificate.  This father of three loves being able to use this skill to serve the kids of Mukuru. John loves watching Formula 1 and marathon running.



Diana was born and raised in Mombasa, Kenya.  After graduating from Mount Kenya University with a degree in Business Information Technology she joined the team to work as a librarian with the Thomas Court Mobile Library.  She is passionate about serving kids by developing reading programs that are engaging and fun for children. She believes that by providing access to books and other learning resources, we can help children achieve their full potential and build a better future for themselves and their communities.



Nathan Ombalo was raised in Mukuru and is passionate about eradicating illiteracy in his community.  He understands the importance of the G-thamini Youth Group as he himself benefitted from their guidance as a younger man.  Nathan has trained with many organizations including World Vision Organization, Footprints, Techno-serve Organization and now serves at G-thamini as a librarian, facilitator and mentor.  He is proud to be a part of helping the youth grow their academic achievements and self-motivation.



Joseph Ndura Kiarie was raised in Mukuru and joined the G-thamini Art Club in 2016 which changed the course of his life.  His father had passed away several years earlier and finding G-thamini helped him through difficult years by developing his artistic talent and giving him a sense of purpose.  He was able to complete his Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) and then returned to G-thamini as an assistant librarian.  His goal is to become a professional artist and knows that with hard work and dedication, he will achieve his dreams.



Bernard Mutunga was born and raised in Mukuru. Growing up in such a challenging environment has taught him to appreciate every little thing in life, and to work hard towards his goals. He joined the G-thamini Art Club as a teenager and their mentorship has guided him towards artistic success as he has been able to exhibit his work at the Muthaiga Country Club. Bernard attended St. Mary’s School Kithangaini to complete his form four levels and then joined G-thamini as an assistant librarian. This job has allowed him to pursue his passion of working with kids, creating a reading culture from a tender age as well as guiding them in building effective strategies to succeed in their studies. He believes education is the key to unlocking a brighter future for these children, and is proud to be a part of their journey.


Mukuru kwa Njenga is the second largest slum in Nairobi, Kenya with an estimated 700,000 people living within 36 square miles (50km). This is an area with a high crime rate, vast poverty, and complete lack of sanitation.

Mukuru began as a quarry in Nairobi’s industrial district but was eventually closed down. It was left full of hazardous shafts and crevices and became a mosquito breeding ground. This was a death trap to children and adults alike, so the government converted it into a garbage dump. The trash filled the caverns and soon people began to build homes from the trash. Cardboard boxes turned to wood ant tents and then later into what it is today– a massive settlement with eight townships and homes made of discarded wood, garbage, and sheet metal. There is no running water or waste removal which makes sanitation a major issue.

The G-Thamini Youth Group was founded by members of the Mukuru community who dream of better conditions for themselves. Through youth outreach, they are cultivating the leaders of tomorrow for sustainable change.



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