Sister Circle fulfills its mission of safeguarding vulnerable girls through educational outreach and the distribution of menstrual pads.  This program reaches young girls as they go through the natural changes of puberty. The facilitators explore the world of adolescence, focusing upon risk factors and preventative measures, ensuring a girl remains healthy.  The sessions encourage honest and open discussions around sensitive topics that are often considered taboo in society.  The sessions aim to increase self-awareness and sense of self-worth.  Sister Circle works alongside Remembering the Boy Child and until 2021 was known as the Girls as Partners Program.


In 2018, this program reached 3,335 girls in 43 schools. Depending on the class year, girls learned a variety of subjects.  Facilitators engaged classes 5 and 6 on topics such as puberty, the menstrual cycle and personal hygiene.  Classes 7 and 8 discussed topics such as self-esteem, self-awareness and STI’s.  And High School students in Forms 1 through 4 explored self-esteem, STI’s, positive behavior change and positive relationships.