G-thamini provides after school programming for kids who live near the team offices. Educational games, art classes, reading, and sport activities are offered each day after school. During the school holidays, they offer more expanded programming to keep kids inspired between school sessions. This program has been tremendously successful with many kids reached.

This year, thanks to a generous donor, G-thamini created the Thomas Court Library at the G-thamini offices.  This library offers the students an increased number of new books to stimulate their desire to explore the world.


The reading culture in the G-club program rapidly expanded in 2018. Of our 90 registered G-Club readers, 75 of them consistently came two times a week to the office in the evening to exchange books. There was a queue of students outside our office door every Tuesday and Thursday. There is a great potential for growth of readers and this is only limited by the number of books that are available in our library.