G-thamini sponsors a mobile library for Mukuru primary schools, many of which do not have any library services. The goal of the mobile library is to provide primary students with not only books to borrow but with reading and studying techniques. It used to brings storybooks to young ones so they can learn to read in an enjoyable manner while beginning their educational path. Beginning in 2016, G-thamini began also offering audio-visual storeytelling.  After viewing the story, the children interact by answering questions, which has been very effective.


In mobile library, we take books to read with students in the lower primary classes (classes one to four and ages 6-11 years old).  The pupils have continued to shown a lively interest in these audio visuals and are requesting even more. We are addressing the need for additional lightweight projection equipment in our fundraising efforts.  Since January of this year (2018), we have been able to reach 30 schools, which amounts to a total of 4,030 pupils (2,064 boys and 1,966 girls).