The Teen Talk Program has been in operation for more than seven years. We have vibrant and interesting discussions with teens on topics such as relationships, HIV/AIDS, substance abuse, and motivational speaking for students in classes five to eight in primary school and form one to form four in secondary schools.

“I have a choice” is one of the main points G-thamini wants every one of its program participants to recognize, understanding they have the power within to make a difference not only in their own life but in their community as well. G-thamini programming for the primary and high school youth highlights the importance of value driven decision-making and allows for discussion of these important issues. 


This program has had tremendous results, with improved test scores and self-confidence.  Teen Talk meets during the spring and fall trimesters.

In 2018, the Teen Talk Program reached 7,050 students in 39 schools, promoting positive and healthy behaviors, providing insights and understanding into sexuality and puberty; drugs and substance abuse; STI’s and HIV/AIDS; and teen pregnancy prevention.