The Thomas Court Library was founded 3 years ago and is the only lending library in Mukuru.  Housed at the G-thamini Headquarters, the Thomas Court Library currently serves a group of 150 students that register and come after school and on Saturdays to check out and exchange books.  As word is still spreading throughout the community, and plans are in place for the art students to paint a new mural advertising the Library, the number of registered library card users will increase dramatically.

The Mobile Library was one of the original programs offered by G-thamini who recognized the lack of reading material in the community schools.  While this was a successful program, and filled a gap for the students, it became apparent a permanent location was needed.  With the establishment of the Thomas Court Library 3 years ago, the team is now laying plans to expand with additional permanent locations throughout the Mukuru slums.

These libraries provide students the opportunity to borrow books while also promoting reading and studying techniques.  Some students in Mukuru have only ever heard of libraries and while others may have access to a library, it is usually not well-equipped. Through our Library programs, students can expand their understanding of the written language in both English and Swahili, experience new and magical worlds, and access materials that encourage better studying habits and reading comprehension.